Hello there! I'm Mas'uma , a wife ,a mother of two, a linguist and an occasional writer with a deep love for art and design . My husband and I made New Zealand our home in 2013 when our first born son (now almost 8 yr old) was only 6 weeks old. We fell in love with the country and never looked back .

Haum Nz concept came about when as a home maker I struggled to find  high quality organic bed linen locally. Most of what was available was too expensive ,came in plain colours and could only be bought as separates to create one full set .Not ideal for everyday families on a budget.

I therefore wanted to create my own brand branching within an industry I knew well .(My family has been textile manufacturers and exporters for more than a decade) . It took years in the making though, or maybe that's how it was meant to be.

In  2018 I went through a greatly tormenting life event . I lost my mum to Cancer .She battled it like a warrior for 5 long years. I felt like my whole world had crumbled .  From the denial through suffering and grief I decided to redirect my life and refocus on my brand with a whole new purpose. This time building on a huge drive to establish a business that would allow me to make a difference in the lives of people who are affected by this horrible disease.

The following years I tried navigating towards a road to inner stability, often giving up on the way .My husband on the other hand,  well invested into this cause and brand , was a huge motivational support.

 Our plans took another hit when Covid shook the world as the factories and shipping services shut down.  We spent that year in lockdown redefining priorities and life goals . Come November 2020, we welcomed our little blessing ,our daughter into the world.  Transitional for sure ,like serenity after chaos. As if she was wished upon the stars into our lives by mum. She always deciphers what my soul needs. 

 Looking back I believe there couldn't have been a better time to do this.  So today,  with a humble wish , I hope to create a legacy for my daughter . One for her to carry on in the name of her nana ,even long after I'm gone. 

HAUM NZ is therefore an ode to my mum, her purity, her warmth, her spirit of giving and all her acts of love we were blessed with growing up. She had an incredible dedication to her household which inspired the essence of our brand "HAUM" (HOME ).

We have since partnered with breastcancersupportnz and donate 5% of every order proceeds to the cause.  I cannot wait to share our little wins on this journey through our Facebook page. Nothing is more rewarding and 'healing' than giving back to the community through a personal mission .

Thank you for supporting our brand and making this possible .